Florida Times-Union Guest Column 2021

Matthew wrote a column for the Florida Times-Union on "Jobs for Jax" and how this is investing in Jacksonville's digital future. 

IMTS Spark 2021

Matthew presented with OTTO Motors CEO, Matt Rendall, on the application of AMR's in a "scaled" environment.

NLR (National Land Realty) Corporate Meeting 2021

 Matthew spoke about innovative technologies and how they are disrupting traditional industries.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference

 Keynote Speaker 2020

Matthew was the keynote speaker in a joint series with OTTO Motors CEO, Matt Rendall, on the successes of a project featuring AMR's as a cornerstone technology.

Tech Talk USA 2020

Matthew had the opportunity to share his expertise in automation engineering, smart technology, and disruptive innovation as a featured guest on "Tech Talk USA."

CESMII, a US national institute on Smart Manufacturing

Matthew had the opportunity to discuss smart manufacturing with industry members and leaders at CESMII Food, Beverage, and Consumer Goods Affinity Group about major industry trends, insights, and predictions.

Webinar: The Business Case for AMR's 2020

Matthew presented the financial business case for AMR's when executed with 3 different financial methods.

SMPS (Society Marketing Professional Services)

Jacksonville, FL – 2019

Matthew delivered a presentation to a group of industry marketing professionals on the “smart cities” projects happening in Jacksonville, Florida, including benchmarks to other leading cities, such as Las Vegas. Matthew then participated in a thought panel with executives from the North Florida TPO, the Cordish Group, and Allied Reliability.

USDOT (United States Department of Transportation

Washington DC - 2018

Matthew and a team of transportation professionals from Jacksonville, FL traveled to the USDOT to meet with senior officials and advisers to the Secretary of Transportation on the President’s cabinet about technology, innovation, and creative deployment of P3's.

PULSE Corporate Retreat

Pennsylvania – 2018

Matthew led a workshop on the skill sets required to integrate complex technology projects. Particular emphasis was given to delivering projects with Industry 4.0 concepts, including concepting, finance equations, engineering, construction, and commissioning.

WEPCO Corporation

Pittston, PA – 2018

Matthew co-led a training session for software and automation engineers joining the WEPCO Corporation. These engineers were recruited and assembled to design and implement IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) projects using Industry 4.0 techniques. 

APTA (American Public Transportation Association)

Jacksonville FL – 2018

Matthew gave a speech on strategies for implementing autonomous vehicles into public transportation. After the presentations, I gave tours of prototype AV technology being piloted by the JTA.

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)

NIST, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD – 2017

Matthew taught food manufacturers and federal government standards curators on the possibilities for transforming food manufacturing when private sector innovation and federal government collaboration come together in P3 (public-private partnership) models.

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)

US Congress, Washington DC – 2016

Matthew taught industry experts and representatives of the US Congress on some of the advanced features and technology in food manufacturing systems and food safety systems.


Northwestern University 2021

Matthew gave a guest lecture on automation and digital transformation. 

UVU (Utah Valley University) MBA School 2021

At the request of Dr. Capener, Matthew guest lectures for UVU's MBA school on the topics of integrity, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurship.  Matthew talks about how to apply the coursework in an MBA for the advancement of necessary skills in your career.​

Trinity College - Biblical Management and Leadership 2021

At the request of Dr. McClafferty, Matthew guest lectures for Trinity College on the topic of applying biblical principles in business.  Matthew shares career experiences and draws from his involvement in Lifework Leadership.​

JU (Jacksonville University) Career Resources 2021

At the request of the Career Resource Center, Matthew participated in career couch, a forum for college students looking for internship and full-time employment to inquire about different career fields and strategies in developing a career path.

Harvard Business School 2019

I was invited to Harvard to lecture on sustainability and the advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies.

Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA – 2018

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)

Matthew returned to his Alma Matter to teach on transformative innovation and how, in today’s fast paced world, innovation is closely coupled to research and development. By applying the innovator’s model to traditional institutional research, faster advancements can be achieved with lower risk of obsolescence.