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April 2019

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Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School

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"Inspiring and teaching students is really hard. When I taught at Harvard, I learned that teaching at a place like Harvard is easy; they want to learn." -Matthew Chang



USDOT / FTA BUILD Grant Award (US Department of Transportation / Federal Transit Authority) 

Matthew led a workshop on the skill sets required to integrate complex technology projects. 


December 2018

PULSE Corporate Retreat


September 2018

WEPCO Corporation

Matthew co-led a training session for software and automation engineers joining the WEPCO Corporation.

Matthew gives a speech on strategies for implementing autonomous vehicles into public transportation.


May 2018

APTA (American Public Transportation Association)

April 2018

USDOT (United States Department of Transportation


Matthew and a team of transportation professionals from Jacksonville, FL traveled to the USDOT to meet with senior officials and advisors to the Secretary of Transportation on the President’s cabinet. 


April 2018

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)

Matthew returns to his Alma Matter, Georgia Tech, to teach on transformative innovation and how, in today’s fast paced world, innovation is closely coupled to research and development. 


Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Matthew holds his award of excellence from JTA for his central role in establishing the authority’s autonomous vehicle program. 


Matthew teaches food manufacturers and federal government standards curators on the possibilities for transforming food manufacturing when private sector innovation and federal government collaboration come together in P3 (public-private partnership) models.


November 2017

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)



Keurig Green Mountain

Matthew and Kate pose with the KGM Collaboration Award for 2017, which was awarded to their project teams for creativity and innovation in the design of automation systems. 

April 2016

TFMW (Transformational Food Manufacturing Workshop)

Matthew teaches industry experts and representatives of the US Congress in Washington D.C. on some of the advanced features and technology in food manufacturing systems and food safety systems.


February 2019

SMPS (Society Marketing Professional Services) 

Matthew delivers a presentation to a group of industry marketing professionals on the “smart cities” projects happening in Jacksonville, Florida.

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