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Our Company

At Chang Industrial, we have challenged ourselves to be the disruptive thinkers of our industry and define the way for technology to transform business while holding close to our values: diversity, generosity, and mentorship. Our company philosophy has always been founded on these values as we strive to create innovative business solutions through IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and autonomous technology.

At Chang Industrial, we believe diversity is not a corporate strategy; it is an attitude. People who have empathy and place value on the views of others find that diversity is an essential part of a contagious corporate culture. We value diversity above conventional performance metrics. The result of a diversity first attitude is a winning team that accomplishes more. Men should be surrounded by women and women by men. The average skin-shade of a winning team should be some shade of tan or brown. This may sound challenging in a heavily STEM career field, however, commitment to diversity separates great teams from good teams.


We strive to be go-givers. At a corporate job, many are trained in a business development process called "give to get.” The principles of the training are simple: your attitude should first be to "give" to your potential clients and then (and only then) could you expect to "get" new business from them. I totally agree with the principle with one exception - we should "give to give.” Giving should be a mentality that we wake up with and go to bed with; generosity and service are natural outputs from a giving mentality. If we live by the golden rule (do unto others, as you would have them do unto you) and believe in the goodness of humanity to pay-it-forward, then we do not need to expect anything in return for our giving. Givers will get their just reward.


Mentorship is a cornerstone of who we are as professionals. It is important to be a mentor and a mentee; we all should have professional mentors, but also mentor people of the next generation. Mentorship is interesting because there are many times when the mentor receives as much (or more) from the exchange as the mentee. Mentorship aids in keeping an attitude of humility and an attitude of gratitude. Mentorship reminds us that we did not make it all on our own and encourages us to mentor others to help them realize their dreams. To that end, we are passionate supporters of marketplace ministry through Lifework Leadership and their affiliate chapter in Jacksonville, Lifework First Coast.


For our mission, vision, and statement of faith, please click here.

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